We draw on over two decades of experience to tailor our EPC services to meet your facility’s specific requirements. From Class 1 to Class 10K cleanrooms, we’ve successfully delivered numerous facilities of differing sizes (up to 21,000 m2). Our clients include world-class organisations in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare and bio-technology sectors and to each one we’ve always delivered on time, on budget and with ever-improving energy efficiencies.


10x Genomic Cleanroom

Merck Lab


Perhaps at no other time has containment concerns become more expedient than today. We’re capable of delivering BSL3+ labs and others, including:

  • Forensic and diagnostic laboratories
  • BSL3 laboratories for disease and healthcare research centres
  • Laboratories for work on chemical and materials, pharmaceutical and electronics products, etc

BSL3/3+/Animal BSL3 Labs

BSL 2 Labs

Green Lab

Sterile Facilities for Bio-Medical use

Using the latest technologies and practices, we’re the leading EPC service providers in Singapore for sterile facilities. We deliver these quality facilities to world-class healthcare institutions like SGH and NUH and to specialist clinics around the country.

Operating Theatres

Theatre Sterile Service Units

Fertility Clinics

Clinic Fit-outs

Isolation/Intensive Care Wards

How we improve energy efficiency

Mission Critical HVAC Systems

Some controlled environments require uninterrupted, stable air quality and temperatures delivered to specific standards. The equipment and assets within may require proper airflow around them to keep them at optimum performance levels while heat needs to be consistently vented. This is mission-critical HVAC. Around the world, healthcare institutions and semi-conductor complexes are expanding with building extensions and additions. These expansion activities tax and strain their current HVAC and critical power systems. Meeting these changing needs require expertise and experience and a depth of organization of the service provider for installation, calibration and maintenance. For over two decades, we’ve been installing critical HVACs for some of our clients’ expanding complexes with energy-reduction features to reduce carbon footprints of these facilities.